Classic Reviews

 RICHARD & SUE BUSH on 2015-09-13

Work was performed in an excellent manor and in a short amount of time! I feel that I can trust Manitou Auto!


 RICHARD & SUE BUSH on 2015-09-05

We were VERY happy with our service from Manitou Auto. Fast and Efficient! Richard and Susan

 BRIAN HOUSTON on 2015-08-30

great work like always

 JUDY & CHUCK LAVEZZI on 2015-08-27

As always, a very enjoyable experience. They were able to take me on short notice and make the repairs quickly and efficiently. Thanks !!


 SARAH TREWEEKE on 2015-08-27

It's hard to trust any shop but I do trust this one and the quality is what I want and they deliver everytime I refuse to go anywhere else

 ELIZABETH CRAMER on 2015-08-26

Once again, the problem was solved with Manitou Auto going beyond the mechanical fix to assistance that came from generosity and true caring.

 TAMMIA MARTIN on 2015-08-25

.These are the best people.. Extremely thorough and good at looking for more than one solution and the root of the problem. We broke down in manitou on our last day of our trip. God only knows what would have happened out on the road. We got to stay in the amazing town and wAs given great care. Kept us informed. We let them worry about the car while we explored the area! I have no problem recommending them!

JOHN PRIOR on 2015-08-22

Totally satisfied, as always. Thank you for the great and friendly service - top shelf all the way!

 SHIRLEY LAW on 2015-08-22

Charles and Joan run a top notch auto service business. I always enjoy talking with them and my vehicle is well cared for. I highly recommend this business.

 MARY (JODI) LINES on 2015-08-19

As always, everything went well. I can completely trust the professionalism, friendliness, clarity of explanations etc. of Charles, Joan and everyone else. Plus, the dogs are fun.

 GENE MARTIN on 2015-08-18

Good job professional service

 JACOB RICHTER on 2015-08-15

Thanks again for the prompt and friendly service! Was traveling from out of town and you helped fix what was urgent, then gave me a detailed list of things to check/fix when I got back home. Thanks again!

 JACOB RICHTER on 2015-08-15 

Thanks again for the prompt and friendly service! Was traveling from out of town and you helped fix what was urgent, then gave me a detailed list of things to check/fix when I got back home. Thanks again!

 JUDI SCHWARTZ on 2015-08-02

You guys are awesome! You took care of my care quickly, corrected the problem, and had it ready when I needed it. Thank you for being so conscientious!

 JOHN & JAN VETETO on 2015-07-25

Great service as always

 HEIKE BURNS on 2015-07-24

This was probably the nicest car service I ever encountered. The work was done professionally and very quickly without trying to sell me any extras that I didn't need and the charge was very reasonable. They even offered to pick us up in town and give us a ride back to the garage. All in all a very pleasant experience, under the circumstances!


John was great as always! Very personable and contact and updated me.

 CHERYL SCHROEDER on 2015-07-17

I've been a client of Manitou Auto for a very long time. my family and I appreciate their expertise and timely repairs. They truly think about how to make this experience as easy and painless as possible for the customer. Charles, Joan and John are thoughtful and kind. They go out of their way to get your vehicle back to you in a reasonable time frame and the technicians do excellent work. A big thank you!!

 BRUCE LITTRELL on 2015-07-08

As a long long longtime customer I have referred many friends, family and co-workers. These folks are experienced in such a variety of vehicles, from my Yamaha scooter, 62 Chrysler, 97 Buick to Mom's 08 Subaru. This is a business you can trust to keep your vehicles safe and reliable.

 SEAN & VICKY SLINDEE on 2015-07-03

I would recommend Manitou Auto to anyone!! They have AMAZING service and CARING HONEST people! Thank You Manitou Auto!!

 KURT MEREDITH on 2015-07-02

Prompt service, great people, great work. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

 MARY CROSSLIN on 2015-06-29

They were slammed but squeezed e in and I was in and out in 10 minutes - these guys rock!

 JOHN & JAN VETETO on 2015-06-20

As always, great service.

 JOHN & JAN VETETO on 2015-06-20

As always, great service.

 RICHARD & SUE BUSH on 2015-06-12

The service writer was very helpful and knowledgable. I was provided with a ride home and a return to get my car. The work was accomplished in a very short time

 MICHELLE BECKMANN on 2015-06-03

The shop with the highest integrity I've ever seen.

 Anon on 2015-05-30

Great to have Manitou Auto Service.

 JODI WILT on 2015-05-27

The service was great. It is always a personal friendly experience.

 MARK SEARLE on 2015-05-15

Awesome!! Manitou Auto is a trusted, reliable, and professional neighbor. I never hesitate to bring my car in whenever it needs anything.

JENNIFER WILDE on 2015-05-09

Always a pleasant part of my week to stop in and allow your experts to work on my car. I was pleasantly surprised with the cost and the speed at which my oil change was accomplished!

 TOM CHAMPE on 2015-05-08

As always, a quick, accurate diagnosis of the problem and a quality repair. That's why my family and I have taken our cars to Charles for as long as he has been in business. You can't go wrong at Manitou Auto Service.

 GLENN RUDOLPH on 2015-05-05

These guys are good. Not only do they know their stuff, but they care about their customers. The result is top quality auto service you can trust. Thanks Charles and Joan!

 CAROLYN JANNUZZI on 2015-05-01

I have been coming here for years now. Wouldn't think about going anywhere else. Charles and staff are always very friendly and treat you as one of their family members. Love all of them

 EMILY NUSBAUM on 2015-04-30

I always appreciate bringing my car in to you! I appreciate flexibility, being able to fit me in sometimes at the last minute, and always providing fast and thorough service.

 KAYLA BROWN on 2015-04-15

Excellent customer service from John!! Not only did he make our visit a breeze (in and out in no time) but we were kept company the owners' dogs (SO sweet). I could also genuinely feel the difference in the way my car drove after!! Thanks Manitou Auto Service.... won't take my car anywhere else.

 EMILY SNOW on 2015-04-14

Manitou auto service is always there when I need help with my vehicle. They talk me through the entire process and get me back on the road as soon as possible.

 JOHN PRIOR on 2015-04-11

Excellent service and customer care, as always. In and out within an hour on a Friday afternoon. Thanks guys! See you next time...


As usual, a GREAT experience. The guys at Manitou Auto Service are always so professional and knowledgeable about any of my vehicles. The job is done right, and on time. Charles and John are there to explain any questions I might have. Thanks for everything. I'll never go anywhere else.

 MINDY GASPAREK on 2015-03-27

Honest, reliable, explain things very well.

 BAR BUNN on 2015-03-26

excellent, thorough and friendly as always

 Anon on 2015-03-25

Great / quick service again.

 CAROL & LEO BUSH on 2015-03-22

Reliably, consistent, excellent service. I recommend Joan and Charles to all friends.

 MICHELLE LAFEVER on 2015-03-11

Love the great service! They know their cars! Love the fact that they are willing to give you a loner while they work on your car! I always recommend them!


Always excellent service -- wouldn't go anywhere else -- thank you!!

 PHIL & KATHY DIXON on 2015-03-05

Great service and expert knowledge.. thanx for all you do.....

 SUSAN MORELLO on 2015-02-28

You guys are always very thorough and honest with me. I really appreciate how knowledgable and efficient you are and its a good feeling to have a mechanic that you have a long relationship with that you can trust! Thanks, Susan

 JODI WILT on 2015-02-27

I love the friendly look out for me and my checkbook service

 Anon on 2015-02-27

Great service

 KURT MEREDITH on 2015-02-25

As always service is prompt and professional. Folks are always courteous and pleasant. Price is right as well. A great place to do business.

 KATHRYN & DAVID VAN VLIET on 2015-02-16

They got me in when my brakes failed in their lot. I had to leave it there but they attended the brakes the next day at a reasonable price.

 FREIJA HAMNNANN on 2015-02-01 

Great service as always, polite, fast, and affordable. I know that if something is not needed, they will tell me, and help me keep my vehicle in great working condition!

 ANDY & BECKY ARNESON on 2015-01-29

Always the best service, friendly, professional, and reasonable.

 DIANE FITZKEE on 2015-01-25

YOU GUYS ARE THE BOMB!!! Courteous, friendly, accommodating,knowledgeable, fair...who could ask for anything more?

 MICHELLE BECKMANN on 2014-12-23

They always have my best interest in mind.

 Anon on 2014-12-17

Thanks for keeping my daughters car alive for another year - the use of a loaner car was a real benefit.

 TIM & MARY SMITH on 2014-12-13

I have complete trust and confidence in Manitou Auto. They have always been fair and honest with us. I use no one else.

 NATHAN POINDEXTER on 2014-12-11

Cannot thank the owners enough for helping me out while I passing through. I hit a deer my way up the mountain and they were able to fix my the next day! If you need service in that area, this is your place!

Anon on 2014-12-06

Great service!

 Anon on 2014-12-06

Excellent, as usual. Was just a routine service, so in and out in 45 minutes.

 NANCY BRAMWELL on 2014-11-22

I was very pleased with the service I received on my last visit. I appreciate your honesty and excellent customer service. My car was ready in a timely manner and everything was explained to me when I went in to pick it up. Thank you for your excellent service.


It was exactly as I've come to expect: my car was taken in on time; I was kept in the loop about extra repairs which you thought that I should have done, and the repairs were completed on time and at a reasonable cost. It is so hard to find a dependable and reputable mechanic for car repairs and maintenance. The owners and workers at Manitou Auto Service are...the best!!

 CINDY QUINLAN on 2014-11-19

I recommend this shop every chance I get.

 JOHN & JAN VETETO on 2014-11-04

Great service at a fair price.

 CARIE EDWARDS on 2014-11-01

I am very pleased with the service I received. They got me in right away, did a thorough inspection, made repairs and had car back to me the end of the day. My car drives and handles great now. Best of all, the prices are very reasonable.

 KURT MEREDITH on 2014-10-31

Great and courteous service. Took my vehicle in right away. Checked things over, showed me where there might be a problem. We discussed and are exploring what to do. no pressure just good thoughtful service.


My car remains in great shape because I always take it to Manitou Auto. Not only is the work GREAT, but the people are pleasant and the car is always in a professional's hands. I would never take the care anywhere else. Lou Carpenter.

 JOHN PRIOR on 2014-10-30

Always a great experience. All the glowing accolades here are for a reason. Have had the pleasure of servicing my vehicle through Manitou Auto for about the past five years now and will most certainly continue to do so as long as I live in the area. My truck runs perfectly and I always know what to expect in terms of maintenance and possible repairs down the road. No surprises. Charles and crew are consummate professionals, friendly and best of all, honest. Highly recommended and appreciated! Thanks again for all you do!

 ANDY & BECKY ARNESON on 2014-10-17

I completely trust these guys. I have been a customer for over a decade. Expert mechanics and will never do work that is not required.

 MICHELLE BECKMANN on 2014-10-13

I love how these guys make me feel part of their family. They are honest and trustworthy.

 Anon on 2014-10-07

Great as always!

 JOHN DELAGO on 2014-09-19

Excellent service and customer care.

 MICHELLE BECKMANN on 2014-09-18

John was our guy. Very helpful and insightful. Very practical. Lots of trust here!!

 Anon on 2014-09-11

The service was good, and the staff were all very nice. I was a little disappointed with how long it took to diagnose and fix the problem, though.

 ANDY & BECKY ARNESON on 2014-09-11

Once again Manitou Auto Service provided excellent customer service and they are extremely efficient in getting our car in an out.


 LESLIE JONAS on 2014-09-05

As always, they were friendly and thorough. They explained everything In great detail and gave us options for repairs. These people are absolutely the best!

 EMILY NUSBAUM on 2014-09-04

Terrific, as always! Super friendly owners. I appreciate that they always work to schedule around my schedule and are often able to do work while I wait.They were usual.

 MARK SEARLE on 2014-08-28 They were usual.

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